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hi, nice to meet you.


To give you a bit of a visual on my "vibe" I am an embodied Scorpio (sun sign) that has found herself placed in house Hufflepuff.

Because of my Scorpio side, I have compassion and love for all darkness.

Because of my Hufflepuff side, I believe everything and everyone is wonderful.

I was born on a full moon and thus am a walking contradiction. I ride that middle line like it is my job.

I see beauty both in the darkness and in the light; I love experiencing the dance between the two.

I belive, both are necessary and valuable and you cannot have one without the other.




I have big energy and I love showering people with encouragement and love.

Here, we get into our bodies. We integrate and move all that stagnant energy!

I have an innate ability to hold safe space for others to explore their darker sides.

Being a neutral observer is a big part of my coaching style, so riding the middle line IS my job.

I am here to be a sounding board for your dreams and to support you on your path to living them out. 

You make all the decisions when it comes to your life. I am here to observe and help you find and free your blocks and blindspots.

(If I, a walking contradiction, can learn how to make decisions, so can you!)



I am not an expert in anything but my experience (well, maybe 3D printing/ Orthopedic Biomedical Design).

To support you- I hang my integrity on the promise and dedication to life long learning;

the ability to tap into/ share my (in my opinion) top notch network.



First of all- Thank you! Thank you for taking the time and energy to get this far into my little online world. I appreciate it and am grateful for your energy.


Now, since you have made it this far, I feel comfortable being a little more vulnerable. It's about time I share my self-love breakthrough- I am a WEIRDO.

I seem to love things that turn others off (the cold) and I have been told I have child-like enthusiasm. I can get distracted by the immense beauty that this earth offers and I believe that there is magic in every moment. 

At the end of the day- I am an advocate for self-love. Plain and simple. If you are digging my energy and are drawn to it- I can guarantee your experience working with me will be playful, transformative, supportive, deep, emotional (full spectrum (we value emotions in this house)), and

a little bit (ok a lot a bit) magial.  

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