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Updated: Oct 11, 2021


Justice. Diplomacy. Love (self and other). Balance.

Together we rise, and when we rise we will soar. Explore your inner world and be accountable for your own life. It is time to get serious about doing the internal and external work to take responsibility for our reality.

Division is the tactic we have the power to overcome. The most radical thing you can do this month is to suspend judgement on others (no matter how different their views) and have compassion for your fellow beings. When you are triggered, take that as a gift of illumination. Take advantage of these gifts and get clear around and heal the parts of you that were triggered. Our judgments of others are parts of ourselves that we do not want to acknowledge. We are all doing the best we can. YOU are a part of WE. Be kind to yourself and take care of and explore yourself during this intense energy.


A group program to help you thrive and take a deep dive during the holiday season.


  1. ACE OF WANDS: The Ace is a symbol of beginnings. The wands symbolizes creativity, enthusiasm, self-expression, and activity. This year has been a transformative one. This transformation at times has felt impossible and inescapable. The Ace of Wands is here to let you know that all of what you have been through has not been in vain. You may have an opportunity in front of you or one is coming. You are ready to express yourself and to be seen in a new light. Something new is about to emerge. Embrace it.

  2. THE CHARIOT: Take a look at the card. Feel the energy of confidence and balance. The Chariot is here to carry us through what may be an energetically intense month. The energy of this month is all about balance, justice, and love. The Chariot is here to encourage us to take a deep look at ourselves. It is time to realize the responsibility you hold in the circumstances of your life. Look internally. Breathe deeply through the fear of seeing a side of yourself you may not want to know. When we do the work of inner acceptance and forgiveness we are able to leave old and outdated patterns in our past and create a present moment to revel in. Change is coming fast AND you can handle it. You've got this.

  3. THE 10 OF WANDS: The 10 is here to remind us that even though we may be able to handle everything- we do not have to do this life on our own. It is beautiful that we have a 1 and a 10 in this spread. October is going to be a month of endings and beginnings. Now is a great time to take that higher perspective and look at where you can ask for help. There is power in asking for what you need and a wound to be addressed if this feels impossible. If you are someone who historically does things on their own- now is the time to look at that pattern, heal what fear is causing it, and leave it in the past. If you are reading this- it is time for big things and we cannot fully bring big things to life without help. If you look- I bet there is someone waiting for you to invite them into your world.

MONTHLY ASTROLOGY SUPPORT I'm not going to sugar coat the energies of this month. They are intense AND with some awareness and compassion you can handle anything.

The energy is saying:

"Feel the fear, and do it anyways."

"Speak your truth with love and compassion."

"Together we rise."

We have several planets in retrograde right now. When a planet is in retrograde it means that it appears to be moving directionally backward. How we use this in astrology is that you can think of a retrograde period as an opportunity to look at the shadow aspects (of yourself and the collective) around the particular energy that the planet represents.

Please see below for the major transits for this month:

  • October 6th- New Moon in Libra. Balance, Harmony.

  • October 7th- Pluto Direct in Capricorn. Slow upheaval. Some deep inner truths may land in your heart at this time.

  • October 7th- Venus enters Sagittarius. Sagittarius is blunt. Venus is the planet of love and she has been in Scorpio. While Venus was in Scorpio you may have explored your part in relationships. Sagittarius is now here to put those findings into words. Be careful with how you speak to people during this time. You can be blunt and clear without being rude. You may also feel renewed and that it is time to start putting fears aside and having some fun again.

  • October 11th- Saturn Direct in Aquarius. A desire to restore peace will be strong. There will be a lot of truths and untruths floating around. Stand strong in compassion and your own truth. Leave judgement at the door. Now is not the time for further division. It is a time of compassion and unity. Even if that unity is solely based on the fact that we are all human and we are all doing our best with the resources that we have. We may see more protests during this time.

  • October 18th- Mercury Direct in Libra and Jupiter Direct in Aquarius. Clarity and movement are the name of this game. Feel encouraged to start making any travel plans.

  • October 21st- Full Moon in Aries. Clarity, Reassessment, Self-Care, High Energy, Patience

  • October 24th- Sun Enters Scorpio. Scorpio season begins! Scorpio season is serving emotional intensity, raw truths, and deep transformations.

  • October 31st- Mars Enters Scorpio. Mars represents the God of War. Prepare yourself this October for deep healing this Scorpio season.


  • Where in my relationships am I replaying an old pattern?

  • Where did this pattern come from?

  • What does this pattern teach me?

  • Write out a reality where this pattern is no longer in your life. Re-read it daily.


  1. Sleep may be disrupted during this time. Place a journal by your bed and when you encounter insomnia or strange dreams write them out. This could take many forms from a story to a "to-do" list. This is not meant to be pretty, but an energy moving and observation technique.

  2. Get out into nature. Nature is a natural decompressor and great aid to your central nervous system.

  3. Drink plenty of good quality H2O


Sending you all my love.

We've got this.

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