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Monthly tarot energy reading- November 2021


Transformation, awareness, courage, release, surrender, abundance.

Scorpio energy brings truth from the depths. Pay attention to the signs in/around you. Reality can be emotionally turbulent and uncomfortable AND it’s an opportunity to CHOOSE to transform.

Times are changing. We are in the midst of a collective and individual transformation. Call upon the Scorpio archetype the phoenix to guide you through the turmoil you may be facing and seeing around you. When transformation is present there has to be a release of old patterns and systems for the new to thrive and be born. Witness life with a higher perspective and seek others that can help you stay above/ be with the emotional waters. Be wary of distractions and the desire of comfort because these are the tactics of stagnation. Your soul wants to fly. Can you find the courage to allow it to release what is holding it back? You will be rewarded for your strength to be with that which scares you.


1:1 Voice Dialogue Sessions (Shadow Work) to help you thrive and take a deep dive during the holiday season.


  1. WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Consciously or unconsciously you have put something in motion. A new phase of your life is beginning. Is there an important decision in your life to be made? There may be an upcoming circumstance that will change your life. Regardless of circumstance, destiny is at work. How can you embrace the chance and attune yourself to the forces operating now? Don't resist. These changes are here for your growth and will bring valuable learning experiences for you. Go with the flow and trust the process.

  2. TWO OF SWORDS- REVERSED: We are experiencing a collective and individual energetic shift. Confusion and conflict will be present. Be it in your internal or external life. Maybe both. These imbalances will cause stress and/or frustration. It is time to take action. Analyzing now will be a waste of precious energy and may pull you further from your goals and dreams.

  3. PAGE OF SWORDS- REVERSED | SUPPORTED BY SEVEN OF CUPS: You are intelligent. There is no need to beat yourself up for lacking clarity and direction in life right now. You have many choices in front of you and it is time to get out of your analytical mind. Your intuition is ready to shine a light on the path that will serve future you. Can you be open to not knowing? Can you give up the control your mind has on your perceived reality? Expansion is available to you. The path to your dreams is available. You are ready. You know what to do. Remember it is ok to not know everything in the beginning. Switch your perspective from lack of knowledge to an abundance of opportunities to learn and grow. Follow and trust your heart/gut they know the way.

MONTHLY ASTROLOGY SUPPORT For the second month in a row the energies are intense AND with some awareness and compassion you can handle anything.

The energy is saying:

"It has to burn to be reborn"

"The choice is yours."

"Pay attention."

Welcome to Scorpio season!

You may have felt the intensity of the Scorpio energy. There is no escaping that Scorpio energy is intense. It represents depth, death and rebirth. On top of typical Scorpio energy, Mars is in conjunction with the new moon and so heaviness is amped up.

The energies that this season may bring up could be deep fears and paranoia. We are experiencing a collective transformation and there is tension in transformation. We are seeing what feels like a battle between outdated/repressive energy vs. progressive/liberating energy. You could notice this in your internal life and/or the external reality. You may be feeling like things are falling apart. This may cause you to be feeling a sense of urgency to soothe the turmoil in life right now. It is important to reflect and let the things that are no longer serving you fall/ burn. Don't try to keep them just because they are familiar. You have the power to choose what energy you want to take into your future. Yes, you have that power- take it.

Something fun about Scorpio is that it embodies two archetypes- the scorpion and the phoenix. The phoenix energy is the death and rebirth energy. During this time of transformation can you embody the phoenix? Can you choose to rise and fly instead of hide in the dark?

It is important to remember that when you make the choice to rise you must make space for your creation. You cannot fill a space that is already full. This clearing will come with lessons and releasing. In these times remember- the phoenix has to burn to rise. It is all a part of the process. You are courageous to choose to fly. Be gentle with yourself and those around you.


  • What is making me uncomfortable right now?

  • What does this discomfort teach me?

  • Can I give gratitude for this experience and leave it in the past?

  • What in me is asking to rise into this newly created space?

  • What does my soul love? How can I do that today?

  • Write out your dream reality. Re-read it daily.


  1. Massage

  2. Acupuncture

  3. Sound Bath Healing

  4. Get out into nature. Nature is a natural decompressor and great aid to your central nervous system.

  5. Drink plenty of good quality H2O


Sending you all my love.

We've got this.

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